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Databank.Me is a global membership organization that rewards its members for health and business related activities.
We provide a platform for creating a better life!


Connect your fitness tracker and earn DataRewards for achieving your fitness goals


Complete surveys with Brittany and earn DataRewards building your DataBank!


Purchase products and services and earn DataRewards from your favorite MyMarketplace providers.


Enjoy the internet and earn DataRewards for your browsing activities.


Become an Brand Ambassador and earn DataRewards for sharing the SuperWallet with friends and family.


Post on social media about the SuperWallet and earn DataRewards for making DBME #1!

MyXfit Fitness

Get paid for Exercising

Get wealthy getting healthy. Connect your fitness tracker, earn badges for your fitness achievements. Earn $15 to $550 a month creating a better you!

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Shop and earn, become a provider and earn, or refer a provider and earn everytime products and service are bought and sold!

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Get paid to surf the internet. Browse the internet privately and earn up to $100 per month!

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Earn $50 to $5500 in direct 100% commission showing members how to supercharge their SuperWallet

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A digital wallet holds your money. A SuperWallet provides a suite of apps empowering users to ethically mine, securely store and monetize their data from life activities they are currently doing for free. SuperCharge your life with a SuperWallet TODAY!